About The Graphics Factory

Thank you for visiting the site. My name is Michael Stewart and I am a freelance designer based in Dundalk, Co. Louth. With many years’ experience, I worked as an in-house graphic designer in London for a long time, before returning and setting up on my own as a freelancer in 2009, helping companies both large and small ever since.

With a strong sense of graphic design that works in the commercial world, I have been helping businesses to improve all aspects of their marketing and am happy to work on one off, or ongoing projects. I see communication and the strength of the customer / graphic designer relationship as vital to the success of every project and I work in a friendly, approachable fashion using as little “graphic design speak” as I can get away with!

I am happy to help you with the look and feel of any job and I specialise in all things graphics related including: Logo Design, Branding, Social Media Graphics, Brochure Design, Event Graphics and lots more. Contact me for a Graphic Design quote or give me a call to see how we can help you!

Logo Design

Your company logo acts as the face of your business both in the real and the online world. Your customers will get their first impression of your company through your logo and it will have an important impact on how people deal with you and treat you in your business dealings.


Graphic Design

I love to try and adapt my graphic design work to any situation, enhancing the overall message of your company. If you wish to look at how your existing branding can be improved, are starting out afresh, or just want some advice please contact me on 087 681 8087.


Event Graphics

I have extensive experience in the field of Exhibition and Event Graphics and have designed graphics for both individual stands at events as well as having co-ordinated the graphics for the overall events themselves at locations such as The Citywest Exhibition Centre, The RDS and Croke Park.


Social Media Graphics and Digital Display Graphics

I am happy to help you with the design of all your graphics and advertising campaigns for social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I can design both animated and static graphics incorporating your corporate look and feel giving you a professional presence.


Brochure Design

With a many years experience designing brochures, leaflets and other promotional material, I have worked in many sectors designing in a vast variety of styles. I like to keep my brochure designs as clean and simple as possible, and as interesting and understandable to the reader as I can. I have also worked on many company catalogue designs for larger companies.

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