Branding is something that normally goes hand in hand with logo design. It is really a way to describe the look and feel of all your marketing materials both on and offline, and it should have a strong house feel, giving your company a quickly recognisable identity. Good branding should be consistent and not throw up any off- putting or unwanted surprises which could detract from the customer experience of the brand. It should also be adapatable enough to cater for future marketing requirements. A strong customer/client understanding is vital and a set of goals and tasks should be agreed at the outset.

Things to consider are varied and can include such things as: logo design, website design, imagery, stationary, brochure design, vehicle graphics, signage etc, as well as colours, fonts and buzzwords or straplines that can help your product stand out in the market place.

My approach would be to take my cue from the logo design in terms of look and feel and carry through its’ colours and any identifying marks or symbols through all company marketing materials required in a way that is pleasing to the eye and carries a strong presence. The key thing I look out for is adaptability. I try to find
a house style that will work in as many formats as possible, eg. brochure design, online marketing, vehicle graphics, website design, etc. Sometimes what works well in a website header may look wrong in other places, so it’s important to take a holistic approach.

Common pitfalls are the “make it up as you go along” approach and also the gradual breaking down of consistency as time passes, which often results in a patchy or unprofessional branding. Things like introducing random colours or fonts should be avoided, as well as badly placed or altered logos. Ideally a member of staff should overlook all marketing produced internally and externally and ensure it adheres to brand guidelines.

If you wish to look at how your existing branding can be improved, are starting out afresh, or just want some advice please contact me on 087 681 8087.

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