Event Graphics

Event Graphics

I have extensive experience in the field of Exhibition and Event Graphics and have designed graphics for both individual stands at events as well as having co-ordinated the graphics for the overall events themselves at locations such as The Citywest Exhibition Centre, The RDS and Croke Park.

There are many marketing pieces needed for larger events including the event brochure design, the conference stand graphics, large floor plans, directional signage amounts many other items including social media graphics for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

A lot of the larger events I have worked on have had many smaller events running concurrently alongside them with related themes, so tying the design of all of them together is crucial, from the logos and brochures through to the designs for the conference stages as well as the online graphics, in order to create an orderly and professional customer experience.

Virtual Event Graphics

With technology constantly changing at an incredible speed, it’s important that companies keep their eye on changing patterns within the world of marketing. What worked two years ago may not now be the best or most cost-effective way to promote your business. The virtual event is becoming a more and more popular alternative and offer exciting and different ways of giving your business exposure.

Online graphics are becoming a vital tool in modern marketing. Because it’s easy, many companies advertise themselves with hastily put together unprofessional graphics. I can help pull all of your ideas together and design intelligent, cohesive graphics that will make your business stand out and promote your presence at any virtual event.

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