Graphic Design

Good Graphic Design and Branding should be a cornerstone of how you market your business. We can create and implement stunning looking graphic design that will enhance your business offering. Today’s customers are more savy and visually aware than ever, so a hastily put together ad campaign or digital media graphics are not likely to reap any benefits and can actually damage your business.

With many years experience in a wide variety of sectors, I produce graphic design and branding for companies including logos, digital media graphics, web design visuals and much more, ensuring that my customers businesses are always presented in a clean, professional and visually engaging way. Branding is all important, so I think of every design job - no matter how small - as part of a larger marketing picture, and try to future proof my work, so you won’t be stuck with poorly designed pieces that work for some things but not others.

The customer/designer relationship is vital and the strength of this will directly impact the quality of the work produced. I will work with you in a collaborative manner gaining an insight into exactly what your goals are. I will also be happy to advise you on what’s best for your company with regard to branding and graphic design before you make any decisions on what you need. This will ensure a smooth process maximising the strengthsof everyone involved.

You will need to think about your required audience, appropriate style of marketing, do you want to simply “fit in” or do something new to stand out and what kind of budget you have available. Things to consider are varied and can include such things as: logo design, website design, imagery, stationary, brochure design, vehicle graphics, signage etc, as well as colours, fonts and buzzwords or straplines that can help your product stand out in the market place.

We work for companies locally in Dundalk, Co. Louth and throughout Ireland. If you wish to look at how your existing branding or graphic design can be improved, are starting out afresh, or just want some advice please contact me on 087 681 8087.

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