Logo Design

Your company logo acts as the face of your business both in the real and the online world. Your customers will get their first impression of your company through your logo and it will have an important impact on how people deal with you and treat you in your business dealings.

If you have a great company set up but a poor or unprofessional looking logo design you could be leaving a lot of potential sales untapped, or if you are trying to get off the ground, people may be put off by the image your company gives out.

A logo will form part, but not all of your branding and it is important it ties in with and becomes a part of the overall look and feel you are giving your customers and potential customers in your marketing.

After listening to the client and understanding what they need from the logo design, the approach I normally take is to design 3 options which give the client genuine choice. This opens up different ways of looking at what is possible that may not have been considered by the customer along with concepts or ideas talked through and agreed during the brief.

Things I always consider when designing logos are colour, form, font usage and visability. I also keep in mind where it is to be applied in order of importance (eg, website, vehicle graphics, online graphics, business cards, etc). I try to always design something that is creative but professional looking and I try to bear in mind how well it would work within future company branding and marketing. It's also worth thinking about an animated version of your logo that can brighten up your presence online or on social media.

I design logos for small to medium size businesses and will be happy to tailor a solution that suits you. Call me on 087 681 8087 for a chat or use the contact form below.

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