Animated Graphics and Logos

Like every other profession, graphic design is in constant change and now faster than ever. The need for every business to have a decent website has exploded especially over the last ten years or so. A lot of designers decided to learn new skills and web design has become a much sought after skillset. This is where motion graphics first became an option for smaller businesses in the form of animated web banners.

More recently in the last few years or so with the boom in social media, there has been a massive increase in companies using motion graphics and animation in their online marketing. No matter what way you look at it, the visual experience more so than the written word, is the most powerful way to put across your companies message. 

The average attention span that people have when they scroll through endless streams of promotions and advertising is getting shorter, but one way you can stand out is by having a professional design an effective ad campaign that uses exciting and innovative motion graphics. It opens up a whole new area for you in which to explore your company branding and make it come alive. Combined with a short company video, it can form a message that has a much higher chance of being noticed.

Most logos also have some angle that you can come at to make them “come alive”, this can be a really pleasing addition to your social media and a way of sticking in peoples minds.

Another way to get your message out there in a way that can catch the attention is by considering advertising on a large display screen and using it to to promote your message, again with the use of vibrant animated advertising.

I have expanded my services recently am now able to offer clients the ability to bring their logo design to life by adding animation to it. I would be really happy to chat about any way I can help you or your company and bring your marketing bang up to date with animated videos and logos that will enhance either your website or social media.

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