Boss Comps Ltd - Logo Design, Website Design and Video Ad

Gerard from Boss Comps contacted me and his first requirement was for a new logo. He was in the process of setting up a new competition based website and he wanted something that would both stand out and be eye catching, but also reflect reliability and looky “classy”, as people are sometimes wary and cautious of online competitions. I designed 3 options for Gerard and he chose probably the simplest, but I think the most effective and appropriate of the 3, a nice simple clean design, but reassuringly dependable looking.

After this I laid out some visuals for him to see how we could approach the graphic design for the website, which he liked. We then incorporated these designs into the website and the rich, classy theme was carried on throughout the site.

After designing some graphics for use on social media, Gerard then asked if I might be able to help with the design of a short video ad that would provide potential customers with a tase of what Boss Comps was about, showcasing possible prizes on offer for the launch of the company. Gerard was really pleased with the results.

If you need a logo or have an idea for a video ad for social media or for a digital display screen, don’t be afraid to get in contact. I would be delighted to talk your ideas through with you and help transform them into exciting and engaging branding vehicles for your company.

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