Logo Design - Drogheda Digital Hub

I was contacted by the Local Enterprise Office Louth and asked to come up with a logo that would promote a new facility in Drogheda that was aimed at promoting and fostering digital start-up companies in the area.

The brief was fairly open but one of the ideas suggested at the beginning was the idea of incorporating the Mary McAleese bridge in some way into one of the ideas. This was clearly going to be used in one if not two of the final ideas that I would present at stage one. But I always think that as the designer I would be doing my client a disservice if I didn't at least examine one or two possibilities that they may not have thought about. Just getting a few ideas on the page can even help cement the original concept as being the way forward. But you never know, they can even open the gate to an even better solution.

As it happened in the end the client felt most comfortable with the original bridge idea.


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