Photo Retouching and Illustration - Sandra Bell

Having used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for many years now, one of the things that I really like is a challenging computer illustration or photo retouching task.

In this project I had to take some sketches and ideas Sandra had for a large sculpture and create some visuals for a proposal she intended to submit. I had to create some computer illustrations of the proposed piece in several different angles. We tried several different colours but in the end Sandra settled on silver.

At a later stage it was decided to add some symbols to the sides of the sculpture to add further interest and meaning to the piece. I created these illustrations in Adobe Illustrator for the proposal adding reflections in Photoshop to give an idea of how it would turn out in the flesh.

Thankfully the proposals were successful, so the project became a reality. Below you can see the initial illustrations for the sculpture as well as my drawings alongside the real photos of the celtic style symbols. Also below are a couple of photos taken of the piece in situ. I took these photos and did some photoshop work on the backgrounds to make them more visually appealing, removing clutter and adding a new sky on each. These photos were then suitable for use in a promotional brochure.

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