Vardebi Logo Design and Wine Label

I was asked to create a logo for a new Irish made wine for Rolando from Vardebi wines along with the finished wine labels themselves. The wine itself is produced from homegrown roses and comes in a variety of flavours.

I came up with 3 different logo design concepts first. The first was an abstract artistic representation of a rose with an attempt to appeal to those who like the finer things in life; high quality food and drink, art, etc. The second idea was to form a strong visual identity combining the elements of rose petals with the ā€œVā€ of Vardebi. The third idea was to use a more straightforward illustration of a rose against a background of the flow of the wine.

In the end Rolando went for the last option, he liked the flow idea. The concept was altered slightly and printed on a clear film label to let the colour of each variety of wine speak for itself. The wines themselves are wonderful and bursting with natural flavours, which I was happy to sample for feedback and research purposes!

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